404 Düsseldorf and Gehry: Views from above

Düsseldorf and Gehry: Views from above


I recently went up Düsseldorf’s Rhein Tower.  It’s a bargain at only 4 EUR per person. My son loved it. The elevator ride was long, but fast. Once the doors opened he ran right to the angled floor to ceiling windows and stared at the city below. Then he ate a bunch of cake. It was definitely a nice break in our day. I recommend travelers cap off trips to cities by finding out a way to view it from above. It’s the best way to see everything you did while you were there, and start pointing out locations you might want to do next time.

My favorite view from the Rhein Tower

Pictured above is the Medien Hafen. It is Düsseldorf’s media and design hub. It is also home to the city’s trendiest restaurants and bars. When this area was developed, seven different designers were given free reign to do what they want with their section without knowing what the other designers had planned. This led to seven very distinct sections. The most popular: the three buildings designed by Frank Gehry. They are known as the Neuer Zollhof. You can find it right away in the photo – it starts with the big white structure (plaster) at the middle on the bottom. Behind that is the mirrored building (stainless steel), and the last of the three is the brown building (brick).

Gehry’s buildings can be found in many cities around the world. Their unique shapes have made them tourist destinations in themselves. To get a sampling of other traveler’s experiences with Gehry’s architecture, go to Instagram and use the hashtag #Gehry.

Have you been to any of Gehry’s buildings? Do you have pictures in your Instagram account? Let me know!

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  1. It’s beautiful! My oldest son and I are saving up to travel to Germany when he graduates high school. Three more years…we can’t wait!

  2. Awesome site!!

  3. Nice! I wasn’t aware of these Gehry buildings.

  4. What a beautiful view! I’m always scared to look down when that high but I enjoy seeing the views from others.

    • Yeah, my son ran right to the windows and when I had to get him I was a little nervous, especially since the windows angle out.

  5. Great view! Did you know that Gehry was a Canadian architect? He did the re-design of the Art Gallery of Ontario in Toronto which I’ve visited and I have also been to the Jay Pritzker Pavilion in Chicago.

    • When I read a little more about him one source said American, one said Canadian-American, so I wasn’t sure. But, yeah, looks like he was born in Toronto. How cool! I don’t think I’ve been in any of his buildings. I have to double check.

  6. More to add to a future Germany trip!

  7. Never been there but I love those views! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  8. That is gorgeous!

  9. Wow, what a great pic! I love the view!

  10. What a view!

  11. Thanks for linking up with us this week. I’ve not been to this part of Germany. I love Germany though, and would love to go back.

    • Most of the people I know who have visited Dusseldorf go for work. It’s got a lot of great aspects, but it’s not near other more famous (or even not as famous) places.

  12. Gorgeous buildings! The architecture is incredible. That sounds like such an incredible idea to just let all the designers run wild. Really awesome.

    • Giving the architects that freedom really makes that place stand out. Really cool. And I think one of those three Gehry buildings is actually an apartment building.

  13. It’s a great view.. but I wanna be on one of those boats!

    • You would’ve loved to be on one of those boats on that particular day. It was the Dusseldorf triathlon, and the last portion was the swimming in that area. I think the boats were part of the triathlon staff.

  14. I’ve lived in Germany, but never been to Düsseldorf, I hope to go one day! The view looks amazing from the tower! Thank you for participating to IG Travel Thursday.

  15. love the view!!

  16. Very cool — I’m also a Gehry fan!

  17. Oh that view is beautiful. We have only spent time in Munich, so more for us to want to explore now.

  18. What a view!