404 Free printable travel journal for kids

Free printable travel journal for kids

Free Printable Travel Journal for Kids from Travel Turtle

Today I want to offer you a free printable travel journal for kids. It’s a one page (front and back) travel-based prompt that you can print for your next trip. There’s room for elaborate writing or drawing, their choice. Because it’s only one page, and because of the nature of the prompts, you can print one for every day of a trip or for the whole trip. It works great with staycations, vacations and playcations!

What’s the printable travel journal for kids all about?

Well, I strongly feel that including kids in all parts of the travel process benefits everyone involved. This printable page is a simple way to get kids thinking about their vacation, while on vacation! They can even do it afterwards. The best part is the memories it preserves – in their own handwriting. I think filling this out for several trips would be fun. Just print one (or more) when you need them. Then you’ll have a record of their thoughts and feeling about family vacations. Not to mention, I’m sure they’ll enjoy looking at it once they are older.

This download includes the two pages above (which can be printed front to back), as well as a list of suggestions for use.

Can I see the travel journal in action?

Of course. Andrea over at Passports and Pushchairs recently went on a family trip to the Pacific Northwest. (If you want some tips for your own family’s trip to Seattle, go ahead and check out her posts.)

She was kind enough to try the travel journal with her 5-year-old son, F. She also sent pictures!

Here's F working on the travel journal while eating breakfast. I love that he's sticking out his tongue! I also love that my son has those PJs.

Here’s F working on the travel journal while eating breakfast. I love that he’s sticking out his tongue! I also love that my son has those PJs.

I love the drawings and his answers. This will be fun to look back on when he’s older, or the next time they go to Seattle.

Thank you Andrea and thank you F for taking the time to test it out and send me pictures.

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Download the free printable travel journal for kids:

If you’d like a copy of this, please click here. I also have a Project Life version of this available here. I’d love to know if you use it. Send me an email via my contact form and I’ll pin your post to my printable board.

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More tips for helping kids record their travel memories:

(Please note that these are affiliate links. A small commission is earned on any sales made after clicking on the link. But, I still like these products.)

  • Markers! Kids need good markers to jot down their thoughts. I love these little ones from Crayola because they don’t take up too much space. Don’t bring too many, just a few incase some get lost.
  • Camera! I bought this camera for my daughter. She does a good job taking photos of things I just don’t see because I’m not at her level. I plan to get one for my son as well.
  • Storage bags! These waterproof storage bags are a good place to store their journal and pens. They also have the added benefit of holding the little things they pick up on the way.

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  1. Love it, it was so fun to do, we are going to do it again for this trip to DC!

  2. this is a superb idea!!! My kids love keeping a travel journal and adventure book.

  3. I love this! I already shared it on All Over the Map’s FB page. 🙂

  4. Love this – what fun – and definitely a memory-book in the making!

  5. This, Is. AWESOME! My 7-year-old will LOVE!

  6. Great idea! My kids have kept travel journals since they were old enough to draw pictures and form some letters and they are the best keepsakes of our travels!

  7. I love this design… I’ll recommend this to those who have traveling kids who write (I have a traveling toddler who scribbles).


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