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A glimpse of two National Parks

Why, hello! It’s been a while since I’ve posted. I’m currently in the process of redesigning my site, so please excuse the dust.

I had a few minutes today to check-in on my favorite link-up, Instagram Travel Thursday. My plan was just to read posts like I normally do, but then I had to comment, and then I had to participate. So here I am.

I found out this morning that the government shut down has ended. That means that people will once again have access to the US National Parks. I was in the US before the shut down and was able to see a few of these National Parks while they were still open. I’ll be sharing some of these images today.

Two National Parks via Instagram

We were in San Francisco during the America’s Cup. If you ever get a chance to visit a city hosting this competition, I recommend it. While I’m sure the views of the bay are beautiful throughout the year, they are fantastic with the big boats and colorful sails. Here’s one of those boats in front of Alcatraz.

After San Francisco, we drove to Yosemite National Park. This will get it’s own post soon. In the meantime check out this no-filtered photo. If I wasn’t there I wouldn’t think this type of place was real.

So please remember:

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