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New Hampshire Grapples with Impact of Possible Land Casino

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Previous US Rep Mike Oxley Says Online Gambling Ban Would Be Misguided

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Christie Admits New Jersey Online Gambling Quotes Overblown

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Vintners Oppose Napa Valley Casino. Some area vintners are upset

Vintners Oppose Napa Valley Casino. Some area vintners are upset about the chance of a Napa Valley casino into the famous winemaking area in California.

There is a heady bouquet of acrimony emanating from the Napa Valley at the minute, where winemakers are turning claret with rage within the possibility of a casino besmirching their fertile soil and lush areas.

The casino may be part of an ambition that is long-term the Mishewal Wappo Tribe of Native Us americans, for whom the Napa Valley is a historical homeland, which will be presently suing the US federal government for federal recognition. The Wappo leaders are trying to restore the federal status they lost underneath the California Rancheria Termination Act of 1958, which specially affected small tribal groups in California.

Recognition would let the tribe to circumvent zoning that is local to pursue economic development, which would theoretically allow it to create a casino without seeking approval from the community. Ca currently has 65 gambling enterprises operated by 64 various tribes.

According to research by Los Angeles-based Beacon Economics, tribal gaming supports about 56,000 jobs in California and, in 2012, the state’s casino workers took home $2.9 billion in wages.

Casino Would ‘Upset Agricultural Balance’

But the issue with a casino amongst the world-famous vineyards of the Napa Valley, as the vintners point out, is that a Napa County legal ordinance offers priority to ‘agricultural land use,’ and disc [Read more…]

Nevada State Gaming Revenue Up As Nevada Recovery Continues

Nevada State Gaming Revenue Up As Nevada Recovery Continues

The Las vegas, nevada Strip enjoyed a revenue that is healthy in March. (Image: Wikipedia.org/Lasvegaslover)

Signs that Las Vegas continues on the road to recovery that is financial as the Nevada Gaming Control Board announced that statewide income had increased 7.6 percent, to $982.2 million, through the month of March, and by 10.9 percent regarding the Strip, to $560.7 million.

The numbers reverse a two-month decrease in video gaming revenue up to now in 2014, with table games, and baccarat in specific, yielding a turnover that is robust. Year-over-year, baccarat revenue increased by 39.9 percent in March, while craps income grew by 36 percent, and blackjack up by 6.1 percent.

Slot device turnover, meanwhile, had been up 3.8 percent, showing an increase for the third thirty days in a row. Baccarat, a high roller game which analysts believe ended up being instrumental in keeping the casinos afloat in the wake of the financial meltdown, grew to $101.8 million in revenue, with the cards favoring the house 4 % more than they did year that is last. However, even without baccarat, statewide revenues would still be up 4.8 percent across the board.

Brand New Demographic

The figures show signs that customers are spending and gambling once more, although additionally they recommend a new Vegas that is affluent demographic emerging one which spends money on dining table gaming, nightlife, restaurants and destinatio [Read more…]