404 Know before you go: Berlin Do not publish

Know before you go: Berlin Do not publish

48 hours in Berlin

Berlin is a city of “ands”. It’s crammed full of history AND green spaces AND a hip culture AND museums AND it should be visited in the summer AND winter AND spring AND fall. AND it’s fun for the whole family. Seriously. Berlin’s motto is “no time to be bored” and applies to even the youngest in the group. Narrowing your choices can be difficult, so take a look at this suggested itinerary for families with 48 hours in Berlin. Use it as a jumping point to plan your own trip.

Day 1



Here are some tips to help you find things you need during your time in Germany.

Family Concerns

  • Purchasing everyday necessities
  • Medicine:   
  • Public restrooms
  • Dining out
  • General safety

Getting There and Getting Around

  • Flights: 
  • Trains, Busses, Subways: 
  • Cars:
  • Walking around: 

In case of Emergency

Nationwide life-threatening cases call: 112.

Nationwide doctor on call (who will be able to assist you on local facilities as well): 116 117

Essential Packing List


Family Experiences


 Books about Germany


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