404 Scavenger hunt

Scavenger hunt


One of my favorite activities to do on a trip – a photo scavenger hunt. The rules are simple:

  • Create a list of must-take photos
  • Decide if you want to do the hunt in teams (parents v. children, male v. female, or whatever combination suits you) or as a family (and all work together in taking these shots)
  • Grab a camera – and go

Here’s a sample of some must-take photos our family has had in the past. I think it works best when you stick to the same 5-15 photos on every trip so that you can see how the same prompt compares from place to place.

  • In front of public transportation
  • Stand in front of a statue and pose like the statue
  • A sign that is very “that place”
  • Something that has made you laugh
  • A landscape shot
  • A meal or drink
  • A paparazzi shot
  • In front of a famous attraction
  • A reflection of yourself
  • A selfie
  • Something looking straight down
  • Something looking straight up
  • Wildlife

Photo Scavenger Hunt Guide

What photos are your must-dos when you travel?
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  1. Ann, This is me stealing your idea. Putting in my notes on my iphone as we speak. Brilliant!

  2. How fun… I need to do this on my next trip as a family! I especially love the thought of trying to get a paparazzi shot. Very interactive and creative.

    • The paparazzi shot was inspired by a friend’s facebook picture which looked like someone was stalking her. And it is very fun to do. One of my favorite photos from our trip to Amsterdam was the one my husband did of me.

    • One of my favorite shots is a paparazzi shot my husband took of me while I was pregnant in Amsterdam.

  3. What a fin idea. I wish I read this last week as hubby and I just spent the Easter holiday in Melbourne. I am also taking this idea.

  4. A very fun idea Ann, I can only imagine the fun children would have with this idea.

  5. SUPER FUN! thank you!

  6. I love these tips! I often hand my kids the camera to to a “photo shoot” when we travel. I have little photojournalists in training :). I love your idea of creating a a photo scavenger hunt, though. I can see my kids really loving one!

  7. Love this! I usually take several hundred photos on any given trip, but I love adding to the structure of it! Actually, when we went to Paris, the girls were going through a snarky-not-gonna-smile-for-photos streak, so I quickly put together a memory book for each of them to fill in their thoughts on the major sites we’d visit, with a place to paste a picture of themselves at the location. It worked! They knew they wanted to look good in their books! 😉

  8. LOVE this! Cannot wait to try this on our next trip!

  9. What an awesome idea Ann! I am going to link to this for my post this week, I think its a great idea for kids to get involved.