404 Products we use and love

Products we use and love

If you’re ever curious about the travel products our family uses and loves, come here. Leave a comment if you have a specific question.

*The links below are affiliate links and I do make a small amount if you purchase something, but the price is the same to you.

Stroller and Accessories


Here’s our stroller!

 Uppa Baby G-Luxe

I love this stroller because it has big wheels, which I read are great for cobblestone streets.

Stroller Bag

We find it easier to stuff the stroller in the stroller bag when we take it on planes or trains. We can also store a blanket and a jacket or two if we need to. Using this bag also adds to the warranty should something happen to the stroller on a flight.

**For the most part we haven’t had any issues gate checking this bag with the stroller. However, our most recent flight with Delta Airlines the flight attendant thought it was a duffel bag and refused to gate check it. Since we were already in our seats when they made the announcement, we couldn’t do anything (like open the bag!) to show him the stroller. It sucked on landing that we had to carry our two over sleepy kids through the airport to get to baggage claim and pick up our stroller.

Rain Cover

We originally did not order a rain cover. Big mistake. They are readily available in Germany, but it was while on vacation in Amsterdam that it rained most of the trip that we realized that it doesn’t matter if they’re available in Amsterdam. After multiple stops in every kids store we spotted without any help, we just bought a poncho and used that. Then got a rain cover as soon as we got back home.



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