404 Breakfast while traveling

Breakfast while traveling


Welcome back to Day 2 of the A to Z Challenge, also known as Day B.

One of the first scenes in the television show Arrested Development has Michael asking his son, George Michael, “what’s the most important thing?”

And at the same time they say “Breakfast”/”family”.

At which point George Michael mumbles that he thought he was asking what the most important meal of the day is.

I love Arrested Development.

When I travel, I love having a good breakfast.

Here are some random observations about breakfasts while on vacation.

  • If possible, pick a hotel that offers breakfast with the price. We’ve had the unfortunate luck of having centrally located hotels that were nowhere near open breakfast spots when my kids woke up hungry at 6:30 am. Most hotel breakfasts start at 7:00. (And the reason I say that breakfast should be included is because finding out the hotel breakfast will set you back 20 Euros per person is never a fun experience.)
  • In one of the upcoming letters, I’ll likely talk about booking accommodations. One thing that has saved us an incredible amount of money is having a Hilton rewards card. With our club status, we are able to get free breakfasts (and wi-fi). Both of which are not too common in European hotels. (For the record, we weren’t as big of a fan of the free Hilton breakfasts at the hotels we stayed at in the US.)
  • It is often suggested that families rent apartments while on vacation. This gives them access to a kitchen making breakfast preparation and eating easy. You don’t have to change into decent clothes. This is a good idea, too. However, take a day out of your schedule and eat out. See (or better yet, taste) what the locals are eating. Breakfast is not cereal, pancakes, and bacon all over.
  • One of the best places to experience local breakfast is a Sunday brunch. Especially in Germany, you’ll find many brunch restaurants with a staffed play area for kids. Win and win.

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  1. I love breakfast! No matter where you are it is another way to experience the culture of a country. We had some incredible breakfasts in Turkey! I do love it when they are included in the room rate.As you metion it can be every expensive if it is not!
    Only 24 more posts to go…good luck!

    • So true! In my head I always think that breakfast is the same everywhere, but it’s not true at all. It’s a really interesting look into the culture.

  2. I wish I was more of a breakfast person. For me, usually coffee is all that I have- unless it’s later in the morning. I have to agree with you on the Hilton breakfasts in the US- we’ve stayed with them too on points- and they just aren’t that great. One of the biggest adjustments here was that breakfast consisted of meat and cheese in hotels- but now I love it! I still can’t get past salad for breakfast though. I’ve seen that a few times and it’s just a little odd.

    • Overall, I mostly only like breakfasts at hotels and at restaurants. We do a nice breakfast at home once a week, but I’m not generally a breakfast fan. I do like meat and cheese and will never eat salad.

  3. Always love to start the day with a good breakfast. If we are thinking about hotel chains, in the States there are none better than Embassy Suites that provide an awesome breakfast buffet with pretty much everything you could imagine from hot cuisine to lighter options. If we are staying somewhere that doesn’t include breakfast, we will generally go somewhere that morning, preferably somewhere local to the area but just so that we can start our day with a good meal – gives you the energy to get out and start exploring the rest of the day!

    Great post on this topic!

  4. Great advice, especially with kids! I am not a breakfast person either but my kids definitely are

  5. Arrested Development is amazing, I love that you started out with it! As a breakfast fan I’m often saddened when my favorite meal of the day ends up being a piece of fruit or grabbing a pastry while traveling. A good breakfast is worth the time and keeps your meal costs down for the rest of the day!

  6. I too am a huge fan of breakfast. It sets up my day. When we are vacationing we find a breakfast included place, however when we are travelling long term, we make our own. Either way we never skip. Great post for B.

  7. I love a good buffet breakfast when I’m travelling…so much more choice than what I prepare at home! With the added bonus of prepping for a full day of sightseeing!

  8. Beautiful blog. I’m jealous. I need to count my dogs. LOL