404 The Devil’s Wall

The Devil’s Wall

The Harz Mountains is northern Germany’s largest mountain range.

Though not a part of the famous Fairy Tale Route (a 600 km route through Germany that includes many towns and sites made popular by the Brothers Grimm), the Harz region parallels it. The area is known for their witch and devil legends. Chances are some of the stories that the Grimm Brothers wrote about originated in these mountains. And it was this thought that sat in the back of my mind as we drove around town.

The Teufelsmauer – Devil’s Wall

Between the towns of Quedlinburg and Thale, we saw rocks jutting out of the earth. It’s called the Teufelsmaur, or Devil’s Wall.

Devil's Wall, Germany


There is a nice path leading around and to the top. We passed the time by counting the steps with our son. First in English, then German, Japanese, Spanish, and French. Our three-year old was able to walk on his own all the way up, which was a nice surprise.

Devil's Wall, Germany

The views from the top, along with viewing the wall up close, was one of my favorite experiences during our weekend trip in the Harz Mountains. Once there, all I could think of was Snow White’s famous witch. I could imagine her sitting on these stones, holding that poisoned apple, plotting her revenge.

When I got home I eagerly looked up the actual legends associated with this wall. Unfortunately, Snow White’s witch isn’t part of that legend. (Or, at least, I like to think it’s not part of the known legends.) Instead, the story goes that God gave the devil one night to claim the area he wanted by building a wall around it. The devil was almost done when something happened and morning came earlier than expected. He was so upset, he tore down pieces of the wall. So today, that’s what we get. A devil’s wall broken into three section in Germany’s Harz Mountains. (The full story, as well as the scientific explanation for the wall, can be found here.)

Should you visit the Devil’s Wall?

If your travels are taking you to the Harz Mountains anyway, take the time to stop and explore this area. You’ll get beautiful views and a memorable experience. If you’re traveling with small children, be prepared to carry them if they can not walk too much. This site is not stroller friendly.

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  1. So the languages are coming along well I see!! Love the counting in different languages! lol.
    Germany is on our list for next year so I better put this on our list – looks like a gorgeously rugged view

    • I wouldn’t recommend visiting unless you’re going to the Harz Mountains anyway or have a love of geological features! It was nice, and the best part of the trip, but it was only about a 30 min – 1 hour visit.

  2. I’ve heard about this route before and would like to travel along it – I’ve been to the Harz mountains when I was little but cannot really recall anything from that trip. Your little ones has amazing counting abilities with all those languages!

    • Oh, that wasn’t him counting. We were only counting to 10 on repeat and got bored with that so threw in the other languages!

  3. This is totally up our alley – thanks for sharing!

  4. What lovely photos – and an amazing region!

  5. That looks and sounds lovely, Ann! We loved the fairy tale trail when we visited Marburg, Germany a few years ago (though Marburg was all we saw of it). On a completely unrelated topic to this post- the best lager I’ve ever had was in Marburg. They poured the beer like Guinness- in 2 or 3 goes that took 2 minutes or so.

    How was ITB Berlin btw? Hope you had a fantastic time!! 😀 Wish I could have made that!

  6. Interesting! I love off-track explorations like this. 😉

  7. Wow- what a unique path! Looks very tranquil and mystical.

  8. Oh this looks wonderful. I have only been to Munich, so I will need to add this to a future travel plan. Thanks so much for sharing.

  9. Of course I will visit Devil’s Wall soon! 🙂 I will travel along this route for sure.

  10. Ann, I haven’t been here yet…it’s added to my Germany list! Great tip!