404 Ritter Sport Bunte Schokowelt Berlin

Ritter Sport Bunte Schokowelt Berlin

Strength is the capacity to break a chocolate bar into four pieces with your bare hands – and then eat just one of the pieces. –Judith Viorst as seen at Ritter Sport Bunte Schokowelt Cafe in Berlin

My parents love Ritter Sport chocolate. I’m not sure how well-known it is in the US, it is sold at some Targets and other grocery stores. In my family, Ritter Sport is THE German chocolate. Scratch that – it is THE chocolate. The one thing my parents answer when I ask what they want from Germany.

Berlin even has a whole store dedicated to Ritter Sport chocolates and products. Ritter Sport Bunte Schokowelt (Ritter Sport Colorful Chocolate World).It’s popular enough to be one of the recommended sites for families from Visit Berlin and their Berlin Welcome Card. I never really understood why. There are a ton of family friendly activities in Berlin – does a chocolate store selling chocolates found on every corner deserve a place in a “top 10” list?

For my parents – it did. Since they were visiting and our itinerary included an overnight in Berlin, I had to take them to Schokowelt. This was not my choice. I had so much I wanted to show them in Berlin. But, they flat-out told me, “skip it – take us to the Ritter Sport Store.”

Ok, mom and dad.

Ritter Sport Bunte Schokowelt

What to expect

For those unfamiliar with Ritter Sport, here’s the gist.

Delicious chocolate. Many flavors. Colorful packaging. Squares.

I love their branding.

The shop in Berlin includes a very small museum, a cafe, a cafeteria, and the store selling tons of chocolate and Ritter Sport items.


The ground floor cafeteria is the first thing you walk through. Immediately to your right: a counter that seems to be a place for Ice Cream sundae toppings. On further inspection you find out it’s a place where you can your own SCHOKOKREATION. (More on this in a moment).

The Schokolateria offers an assortment of drinks and chocolate snacks. The setting (chairs, signs…) fit the brand by relying on colorful and square design. It’s lots of fun.



 (Photo Credit: Ritter Sport)

Within the Schokolateria you get to become your own Willy Wonka and make a chocolate bar with your own fillings. There are over 21 choices, and you get to pick 3 fillings plus the type of chocolate you want. I picked gummy bears, rice cereal, and gold stars in dark chocolate.

It was amazing.

The staff mixes the chocolate, throws it in a mold and gives you a ticket to pick up your chocolate 30 minutes later.

(Obvious tip: place your order first thing so it’s ready when you leave.)

The downside to the SHOKOKREATION

This could easily be a memorable, exciting, and tasty experience. Unfortunately, I think I caught someone on a bad day.

I imagined a Marble Slab-type experience. Pick my chocolate flavor and add-ins from the display, then watch as they mix it in a bowl. That’s what the people in front of me did. That’s what the people were doing when I walked in.

When the staff member got to me, though, she pulled out the card to note what I wanted. There was still a family ordering in front of me. I thought we were going to wait for them to finish so I could see the options. Instead, the staff member huffed impatiently. I told her I couldn’t see the choices. She pointed to the sign behind her with the listed items and didn’t say a word. As I was trying to figure out what some of the things were, she tapped her pen against the table. There was no one behind me, but I felt rushed. I gave her my 3 add-ins expecting to at least watch her put the chocolate and add-ins in the bowl and mix (again, as I’ve seen others do). Instead she handed me a ticket and told me to come back in 35 minutes.

I recognize that this may seem ridiculous. However, I think I missed out on part of the fun of making your own candy bar. Plus, I paid for it. A regular candy bar in the store is €0.85. This “experience” was over €3 and I’m willing to bet that the show of picking flavors and watching them mix-it is supposed to be part of the attraction. If it’s not, then they’re really missing out on a great opportunity and should reconsider.


Directly behind the SCHOKOLATERIA is the SCHOKOSHOP. The walls are filled with small and large squares of colorful chocolate packaging and flavors. There are options to fill bags, buy already assorted bags, get a meters worth of chocolate and more. There are also branded polos, backpacks, and soccer balls. My absolute favorite was a cooler bag for regular sized Ritter Sport bars to fit in perfectly.

Again, the only fail in the SCHOKOSHOP was the staff. My dad had asked for help finding the caramel chocolate, and the employee said they don’t have it. I was confused when my dad told me this because I saw the caramel variety in the mini-chocolate section. My mom went in to look for herself, found a giant bar, and purchased it within 5 minutes.



Upstairs you’ll find a small walk through area where you learn more about Ritter Sports process in making the chocolate. The explanations are in English and German. The displays are interactive. My three-year old loved them. Afterwards, there’s a short film, old commercials, and a place to take your own photos.



And finally, the Schokocafe (also upstairs). In addition to the chocolaty goodness on display at the SCHOKOLATERIA downstairs, the cafe has breakfast, lunch, and chocolate items. Things like chocolate soup (with churros), crepes, and varieties of fondue. Perhaps this is just a little slice of heaven right in Berlin. (Whatever you do, don’t click on this .pdf to the menu – I warned you!)


Ritter Sport Bunte Schokowelt: Great products, not so great staff

Almost every employee we encountered seemed uninterested in their job, impatient with the customers, and bored. Especially at the Schokocafe upstairs. But, it’s hard to let them get you down when you can simply ignore them and enjoy the surroundings. Because it’s so conveniently located it’s worth at least a stop inside for a snack and a drink and to stock up on some tasty treats for friends back home. Just don’t expect the colorful and cheery atmosphere of the brand from the staff.

Thinking about going?

  • Ritter Sport Bunte Schokowelt is conveniently located a street away from Unter den Linden and a few blocks from Gendarmenmarkt and Checkpoint Charlie. It is among some of Berlin’s higher-end shopping, but also close to places like H&M. The Friedrichstr. S-bahn and U-bahn stop are only 2 streets away and the U-6 at Franzoeischestr. leaves you right around the corner from the shop. In other words, it’s easy to make it part of your Berlin itinerary.
  • For those with strollers, the shop is small and can easily get crowded and difficult to navigate with the strollers. The elevators are kind of hidden in the back to get upstairs.
  • If you have children between 7 and 18, you can sign them up for a Chocolate workshop. You have to do it online in advance. You will find more information here: Bunte Schokowelt Schoko Workshop.

Who should go?

This is definitely not just for kids, but is obviously kid-friendly. You’ll likely end up somewhere near this shop and if so, stop in! It’s worth a visit if you’re in the vicinity. For those with Berlin plans outside of this central area don’t go unless you really love Ritter Sport or need some branded trinkets to take home. It’s a small shop, museum, and cafe so it does not take up too much time.

For more information

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  1. Oh man! I would be loving life there. We love Ritter Sport! So bad about your customer service experience. It looks like a beautiful place.

    • Thanks. It’s a really cute shop. If I had more space in my suitcase I would’ve left with at least one of the little colors or shopping bags. But, I had to make room for bars and bars of chocolate.

  2. YUM!! Too bad they were so clueless re: staffing.

  3. Agreed. I was in a strange mood where it didn’t effect me on the day, but looking back I realized how disappointing it was that the service wasn’t friendlier. Maybe the nice weather made everyone wish they had taken the day off.

  4. Ann, I’m sorry you kept running into grumpy staff. When we went, it was raining hard outside, so the place was packed. We only had to wait in line after three people, but even though there was a huge line the lady took great care to give us the full show. She saw I was taking photos and stirred and mixed and held up the chocolate very patiently. We loved it!

    • Fortunately, I can ignore grumpy staff – but I do wish the staff at the candy counter were only the best of the best.

  5. Time to add another trip to Berlin to our bucket list! Actually, it is the city my daughter hopes to someday live in, so when I visit I will make a bee line to the Schokocafe!

  6. Chocolate soup? Drooling. It has been a long time since I have had any Ritter Sport- but have always loved it. Hopefully the staff was having an off day- and that isn’t the normal case.

    • I’m pretty sure I’m going to go there the next time I’m in Berlin and make sure I eat something memorable. Like Chocolate soup.

  7. Oohh Ritter! I like them too , agree its not a popular brand here but I like their compact size and packaging. Very interesting experience but what a bummer about the service. I would also love to see how the chocolate is made, as you said its part of the experience that you paid extra for. How can one be so grumpy working at a chocolate factory! Oompa Loompas! LOL 🙂 I hope your parents have a great time over there!

    • Ha ha ha – Oompa Loompas.

      I wonder if I should rewrite this post and call them Oompa Loompas? 🙂 Thanks for the smile.

  8. I’d really like to say that we have some kind of relation to Ritter Sport- because, well, obviously- but I love their hazelnut. No skimping with those guys! Glad you had fun!

  9. Wow Ann, this must be good chocolate to make your parents want to go here before anywhere else in Berlin. Somehow after two trips to Berlin I still managed to miss this – I’ll just add it to the list of reasons to return I guess 🙂 Although it sounds like your visit was a bit of a let down I always love reading about things like this that people may have never heard of before!