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Let’s Repeat Ourselves

Memory Keeping Monday

Over at Gone With Family, Lisa and her daughter have an amazing collection of their Starbucks visits around the world. What a wonderful and personal souvenir of their travels.

This reminds me of pictures that have shown up repeatedly in my photo folder.

Letting our kids fly while staying in a hotel room.

When my son was 3 months old, we went on a weekend trip to Salzburg, Austria. We took a ton of photos of our new son on his first real trip. This was one of my favorites:

memory keeping while traveling

Last December we spent a few nights in Berlin. This time, it was my daughter who was 3 months. What a great time to recreate one of my favorite photos of my son, while also in a hotel.

memory keeping while traveling

I was so excited to recreate the Salzburg image, that I didn’t even notice until I developed the photos that we had this pretty view of Berlin’s Gendarmenmarkt in the background. Love it.

So in February when we spent a few days in Amsterdam, I knew what I had to do when I saw our hotel view.

memory keeping while traveling

What started out as a fun, one-time thing has possibly turned into a new travel tradition. I can’t wait to see this collection grow.

Side note: Since I have our daughter over Amsterdam and Berlin, it seems only natural to do a alphabet capitals photo series. Should we go to Copenhagen next?

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