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Baby Led Traveling

Our travel philosophy is simple.

Baby Led Travel

We go anywhere, any time.

We like a good deal. We’re more inclined to travel somewhere during their low season. But, we will also go during high season (and shoulder season).

We love to jam pack as many cities into a short itinerary, or stay one place for a longer period of time.

We never go into a place ever thinking that it’s a one time thing. We always know we will return. There are a few places we’ve returned to time and again, and some places that we just haven’t made it back to yet, and even more places we still have to visit for the first time.

We like tourist attractions, popular family destinations, off the beaten path, the beaten path, and everything in between.

We travel near home and far from home.We currently (and temporarily) live in Germany. We tend to take advantage of our location by traveling throughout Europe now, but we go to other places as needed.

All that to say, we’re pretty open to things.

Now that we have kids, the only things we try to make double and triple sure of is their safety and comfort.

We encourage them to try new things. We foster that by remaining open to their interests. (Admittedly, our 7 month old hasn’t really formed an opinion on interests outside of napping and eating.)

We try our best to avoid things that we know will cause tantrums (less shopping and laid-back dining, more parks and playgrounds).

This is, to me, baby led travel. We adjust days as needed, with no real worries of checking everything (or even anything) from our “to do” list. And it seems to work for us. How do you make travel with your kids work for you?

Baby Led Travel

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