404 Water – Water – Water

Water – Water – Water


My word for today is water. And my advice about water has to do with packing and itinerary planning. When you’re traveling, plan for water. 

Forms of water to prepare for

  • From the sky (aka rain or snow): Make sure you pack for wet seasons (good time to get rain boots!) and make alternate plans for days with lots of outdoor activities – just in case.
  • As amusement: Pack a bathing suit and a change a clothes for everyone. You will likely know that your hotel does or doesn’t have a pool. What you might not be prepared for are the fountains your kids will want to jump into when all the other kids are doing it, or a very alluring water park on a very warm Summer day.
  • Coming into your body: Hydrate! Before your trip, find out what the water safety is like where you’re traveling to. Purchase water or filters as needed. Get something refillable because it’s better for the environment, but if you can’t that’s ok, too. Bring water with you wherever you go. I swear there have been popular tourist destinations I’ve travelled to with absolutely no water for drinking within miles (and no restaurants or shops). If you’re traveling to Europe and don’t like your drinking water carbonated, learn how to say “bubble-free” in the local language.
  • Leaving your body (sorry!): When traveling in Europe, make sure to have some change on hand for public bathrooms. The good news is – at least their clean in most cases! In Asian countries, make sure to have some toilet paper on hand for public bathrooms (not everywhere, but many places don’t provide toilet paper). And wherever you go – bring some sanitizer. I’m not usually a germ freak, but talking about public bathrooms just makes me feel gross.

Since it’s getting warmer here in Germany, I’m going to head out with my kids and a few bottles of water. Have a great Saturday!

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And today’s A-Z Challenge Travel Blogger Spotlight is Amy and the Great World. Please send some love her way this weekend.

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  1. Totally empathise with all of these, except possibly the second. After catching a verruca from communal bathing I’ve been rather put off pools.

    Rain – I’m from Scotland! We can do that. In fact, I feel very uneasy whe abroad in less wet places, and it takes me a few days to wean myself off carrying a rain jacket or umberella.
    Hydration – The one I am most likely to forget, and then feel the bad effects.
    Public conveniences – change not always required in Europe, but in general it’s a good tip to have some. Not been to France for a while, so not sure if you still encounter squatties. Very popular in Asia though – keep fit, because you wouldn’t want to put your hand down or topple over!

  2. Great tip on Water , Ann! In Asia , I also make it a point to only drink bottled water (whereas say in Australia or the US I can drink from tap). And yes, definitely BYO toilet paper / sanitizer 🙂

  3. Great post Ann, you covered all the bases. Sometimes we don’t want to think about it but knowing where the nearest clean and/or free bathroom is can be a lifesaver 🙂

  4. I love this post! Brilliant advice, clear and concise. The only thing we do differently is we ALWAYS carry tissues. After countries like Malaysia with the “hose” or Morocco with the bucket and water scoop, we just don’t take that gamble. Even in New Zealand we generally have tissue, and ALWAYS in America too.

    • Good point on the tissues actually. I don’t think as much about it now since I always have something on me because of the kids, but you’re absolutely right.

  5. Yes, tissues in all areas of the world is a must. In Germany, their pools are amazing. You do not have to go to a full on water park. Many of the town pools have wave pools, kiddie pools withe islands and such, and they are all clean and fun!

  6. Great advice. I aways carry hand sanitizer, especially in India…it’s a life saver. Anabel’s tip about keeping fit for those squat loos is a good one as well!

  7. That whole thing of paying for the loo in Europe threw me the first few times, now I always have a few loose coins in my jacket/purse!


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