404 Weekend trip to Zurich and Vaduz

Weekend trip to Zurich and Vaduz

Over the weekend we discovered one of our new favorite places: Zürich, Switzerland.

Here’s a glimpse of some of the things we saw, via Instagram photos. More photos and details to come.

*Note: The prices below are listed in Swiss Francs. The exchange rate between that and the USD is roughly the same. If something is say, 10 Swiss Francs, it’s about $11.

Rheinfalls, Switzerland

Who doesn’t like waterfalls? I love them.

Rheinfalls are Europe’s largest. The area is extremely family friendly, and isn’t a touristy or cheesy place like Niagara Falls is often accused of being. The huge playground was a welcomed site for my son after our long road trip. He also loved the falls. I don’t know if it was because of the clear water (my son does love bath time) or that he’s only two (and a bit of a daredevil), but the little guy just wanted to climb over the railing and jump into the water.

Travel Tip: Switzerland is expensive. Germany is right across the border (10 minutes in traffic), eat there. Oh, we paid 5 Swiss francs to park for 2 hours.

Short Boat Trip on Lake Zürich

The Zürich channel at the hotel told us that Lake Zürich is clean enough to drink from. I believe it. Our trip took us around the lake where we got to see Zürich at its best. It’s tough sitting on a boat watching people having fun in the water. There were other boaters, kids on the lake-side beaches, and people playing water sports. Again, my son wanted to jump into the water. This time, though, I probably would have been happy to jump in after him. It was hot.

Travel Tip: It’s only 8.50 Swiss Francs to take the 1.5 hour trip around the lake. Once on the boat, you can order a meal, snack, and a drink.

Vaduz, Liechtenstein

One of the world’s 25 least visited countries is only 1.5 hours away from Zürich by car. We had to go. As we drove to Liechtenstein, my husband shared some of the things he learned about L-stein: it’s in a valley, there are 5000 residents, there is no official army and the police force is less than 80 people. We talked about how, with such a small police force, did this country keep its sovereignty? Oh, the huge, beautiful mountains surrounding it. My kids weren’t so interested in dad’s facts so they slept.

We arrived in Vaduz with over-tired kids and over-hungry parents. My son whined his way past every shop. I’m sure he was disappointed that there wasn’t a river or lake to try to jump into. Ironically, this was the only time on the trip that he got wet. It rained. A nice heavy rain. We ended up dining at the fine, reliable establishment that is extremely whiny-toddler friendly: McDonald’s. Afterwards, we made our way back to Zürich.

Travel Tip: Liechtenstein might be more expensive than Switzerland, plan accordingly.

The drive between Zürich and Vaduz

If you have no interest in checking Liechtenstein off of your list, it’s still worth a visit. The drive between Zürich and Vaduz is beautiful. As I mentioned earlier, Liechtenstein is in the valley. That means that it’s surrounded by mountains and those are the mountains you’ll drive through to get there. The Alps, Caribbean-like water, and typical Swiss villages made every turn picture worthy. There are many tunnels on the way to Liechtenstein. As we exited each one it was like a little surprise to see how Switzerland could top its previous view. The best happened on the way back, after the rain: a double rainbow.

Travel Tip: The drive is only 1.5 hours, but could easily take all day because you’ll want to either drive slow to take in the view, or stop frequently.

Sattel-Hochstucki, Switzerland

I really enjoyed the city of Zürich, but I wanted more mountains. I mean, seriously, the Alps? How could we resist? We searched for ski-lifts/winter sports on our GPS. Sattel-Hochstucki, 45 minutes away, popped up and we crossed our fingers that the end destination would be worth it. We were happy to see the panoramic gondola cable-car when we arrived and bought ticket to the top just expecting to have nice views. We were wrong. The top was filled with fun activities for the family. There was a place with bouncy castles and trampolines, a very steep and twisty sledge run, and Europe’s longest pedestrian suspension bridge. There were also paths and trails for hikes. I’m sad to admit that my fear of heights won out and I did not cross the bridge. My husband took our daughter while I watched my son jump and bounce on the trampolines. I wish we could have spent all day there, but we had to leave after a few hours.

Travel Tip: The gondola ride is only 19 Swiss Francs round trip for adults, the bouncy castle and trampolines are 7 Swiss Francs for kids, the sledge run is 4 Euros per run, and the suspension bridge is free.

Overall travel tip: Switzerland is expensive. Coming from Germany, I was shocked at how much we spent on food and drinks. For example, a small bottle of coke could easily be around 4 Swiss Francs, and a medium cold drink at Starbucks was more than 7 Swiss Francs. Keep this in mind when budgeting and consider packing small picnics instead.

Have you been to the area? What should I see on my next visit?


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  1. I LOVE waterfalls, hence Norway isn’t a bad place to be either 🙂

    Thanks for all those travel tips, they will definitely come handy on our next visit to Switzerland. Bern and Luzern are beautiful places also if you haven’t been yet, swimming in the Aare with all the locals in Bern is definitely an interesting (and slightly bizarre) experience in the summertime. 🙂 I mean you start from point A, finish in point B, and you can either bring your clothes with you in a dry bag or leave them behind in the starting point….

  2. We’ve been to all the countries around Switzerland, but never made it to Switzerland. Maybe some day! And I like that you’re real about traveling with your kids. Mine don’t always want to do what we’re doing, we all might get tired, hungry or cranky, but once we are actually doing it, we have a great time!

  3. I love Switzerland, there is something about it that just seems peaceful, it is so pretty, and they love fondue, so they have good taste! Every time I go I can’t get over how expensive it is though!

  4. Very cool. I love the rainbow picture and of course the tip to eat in less-expensive Germany!

  5. We were just in that neck of the woods and it was gorgeous! We were going from See, Austria to Interlaken, Switzerland. We thought we would go right through Liechtenstein on our journey, but the roads took us just around it, we think. Ha! We need to go back on the map and look.

  6. Such fabulous traveling tips. Switzerland is expensive. I love Germany, too.,

    Thanks so much for linking up with us this week.

  7. I love the Photos what a beautiful trip. I have never left the US. It must be amazing to travel.

  8. Gorgeous pictures! I would love to visit Switzerland someday. Just got to get over this fear of flying over the ocean first…lol

  9. Europe is so beautiful and Switzerland even more so! I haven’t been, but your photographs are a testament to this! Love the rainbow capture!

  10. I’d love to take the kids to Switzerland, but yes… the expense! There are so many other fabulous places to spend time in Europe without spending so much… it may be a while before we get there. Thanks for the tips for when we do!

  11. I’ve never been to any of those countries but your photos make me want to visit. I’ve always wanted to go to Germany and it’s good to know it’s cheaper than Switzerland. Thanks for sharing those tips and those photos.

  12. Love your photos! We spent one day in Geneva last year and it made me want to see the rest of Switzerland. It’s an option for next summer but I just can’t make up my mind!

  13. You are living my dream girl! I love hearing your adventures.

  14. What a beautiful pictures-it was nice to travel overseas through your post!

  15. Waterfalls, water, kids – what could go wrong? I too love a waterfall, and will be making you jelous next week when I post pictures of Croatia’s most famous waterfalls.
    PS: Love your little man in his green stripe tee!!

  16. Wow, how beautiful. I don’t think I’ll ever get to travel abroad, so it’s nice to see everyone else’s travel pictures.

  17. So lovely, those views bring back good memories of the time when I used to live in Zurich!

  18. I personally have not been but it does seem amazing. Budgeting for trips in a different area is always something I forget to do. Amazing share…thanks!

  19. I spent a summer in Zurich working after high school but really never explored other than walking around the lake. Thank you for the reminder of how beautiful Switzerland is!

  20. It’s SO beautiful there. WOW!

  21. I love Switzerland — wish I had gotten to explore more of it on my most recent trip. These photos are inspiring me!

  22. Thanks for your tip on things being outrageously expensive in Vaduz. We were just there on Saturday, and thanks to you, we filled up our gas tank just before dipping in to the little country. 🙂