404 Guest post at Wonderful Wanderings

Guest post at Wonderful Wanderings

Looking to travel? Sometimes it makes sense to use a travel agent.

Looking to travel? Sometimes it makes sense to use a travel agent.

I was a travel agent for many years, right around the time that people started migrating to the internet to book their travel. I tend to book my personal travel, but some times it makes sense to go to a travel agent. When should you use a travel agent? Visit Wonderful Wanderings to see my tips.click here now


  1. This is so interesting to me, because I would never use a travel agent but I can see why people may, if they aren’t seasoned travelers. I do often wonder how travel agents stay in business though 🙂

  2. There are things that travel agents have access to that can really make travel more affordable. At the very least, they can more easily tell whether a flight is simply expensive because it’s selling out or because there’s no sale going on. They can book consolidated fares, which really help for international flights.

    I miss having access to that information. I hate to say this, but I’ve tried to use a good travel agent (in other jobs where I had to use a TA) and they’re really hard to find. When they’re relying on the same information that anyone can find using expedia, they aren’t going to last long. When they actually work and find deals (even on flights!) they’re worth their fee and more.

    And, of course, it’s more than just flights. I wouldn’t really use them to book my hotels or car rentals because I haven’t found there to be much of an advantage. (An exception is probably travel agents who specialize in all-inclusives, but I don’t go to all-inclusives.)