404 Travel Turtle Road Trip, Summer 2013: Introduction

Travel Turtle Road Trip, Summer 2013: Introduction

For some reason, other than an annual trip to Amsterdam which we decided to skip this year, we don’t travel too much over the summer. This year, however, we decided to venture outside of our immediate state and see something new. I wanted to take you along for the adventure. And while I wish I meant that literally, I mean via this blog.

I’m always interested in how people plan their trips. When there are a million options out there, how do people pick one choice over another? So, I thought I’d bring people into my planning process for our Summer 2013 road trip.

This picture has nothing to do with the post, except I like having pictures in my posts...

This picture has nothing to do with the post, except I like having pictures in my posts…

Right now I’m at the beginning stages

Not too much has been confirmed.

What we think we are doing so far

  • Nürburgring Race Track: Back in May I found a post on JDombs Travels. Her husband was a race car driver for the day. I was familiar with this race track because I lived near it in high school, but never thought of driving it. I’m still not going to, but my husband is… I even tweeted about it:
  • Traben-Trarbach: Nurburgring is in the Mosel area of Germany. We’ve stayed in Cochem in the past and in looking for places to stay this time, my initial thought was to go back to Cochem. Then I saw a post on Google+ that changed my mind. The Traveling Canucks suggested 9 European cities worth visiting, and one was Traben-Trarbach. This village is also on the Mosel and will be an ideal place to stop. We’ll either be there while the vines are ripe with grapes or during wine festivals, either way we’re happy. 
  • Zurich, Switzerland: Our good friends have recently moved to Zürich. This will be the final stop for our roadtrip before we turn around and head back home.
  • Rhine Falls: Realizing there’s quite a bit of Europe between Traben-Trarbach and Zürich, I took to social media again. This time, I asked my Facebook followers for any suggestions. Selena from Oh, the Places We will Go! linked me to her posts about Switzerland, but highlighted Rhine Falls. BINGO! I love waterfalls, so this is a must-do.

Our next parts of the planning process

We still have to settle on dates. Once we know when and for how long, we’ll be able to fill in the blanks: figure out our route, learn more about the specific destinations, find activities for kids and adults, and book accommodations, that’s it!

I also want to try some of the great “occupying kids on road trips” pins I’ve seen on pinterest. I’ve been pinnig some of my favorites and will put a lot of those into practice, maybe creating something to cater to our trip.

More about this series

The primary reason I’m doing this series is to show how I plan travel. Not just for you, but for myself. I’m curious to see how much we think we’re going to do (this post), how much we plan for (probably the next post), what we actually do (the third post), and how our family felt about it all (the last posts).

Any tips of places to go or things to do that you want to suggest? I’d love to hear them!where is kilimanjaro located in africavibromasseur achatLed Lenser P7ze binary signals review


  1. Sounds awesome! You guys need to do a road trip through the Baltic, it is so fantastic (and I am jealous you can take these kinds of road trips!)

  2. I would love to! I really just want to do a million road trips because I love them.

  3. You have just added to my European wish list!! I would love to see the Rhine Falls, I hadn’t about that before. I’m heading over to read the post by Oh, The Places We Go now. Can’t wait to follow along on this trip. We haven’t planned anything for the summer, as we just got back from Prague, and I’m going to the states for 2 weeks. Looking for a 4 day destination in September, your right sooooo many choices!! 🙂