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Guess this Skyline


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Wordless Wednesday: First Flight, Daughter Edition



Last week I shared my son’s first flight. Here’s my daughter in the bassinet on the flight shortly before we were going to land on her first international flight at just under 2 months. 

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Where We Sleep

Memory Keeping Monday

travel journal idea - where we sleep

Here’s a great travel journal idea.

A few years ago there was an end-of-the-year internet meme about the cities we slept in the previous year. I liked the idea and that has become part of my end year-end tradition.

When my son was born, I wanted to get a bit more specific. On my pre-baby trips I kept trip journals and sometimes a separate notebook to attach tickets, receipts and such. After a few trips with him, I realized my travel recording was going to change. I no longer had the time to lounge at a cafe and write about my thoughts and feelings while on vacation. Still, I wanted to do something.

In place of something more detailed, I stuck to the basics and have a journal where I write where we sleep. After a trip, I just write the name of the hotel, room number and dates. If we are on a plane overnight, then I write the flight information. When I feel up to it, I add day trips we took. This will help jog our memories when we stay at one place for an extended period of time.

Simple solution!

If the kids are ever interested in our travels before their memories start, they have it to look at. I plan to do some other things with this information and will share it here when I do.

So this is one of the simpler ways to document trips. Starting next Monday, Travel Turtle’s Memory Keeping Monday will take a closer look at what to do for more detailed record keeping using the hundreds and thousands of pictures taken on single trips. It’s part of a three part series.

Have you found memory keeping on trips difficult since having kids?


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Photo Friday: Cochem

Two years ago this month we packed up our stroller with enough goods for a family of three for two nights, and headed to Cochem, Germany. Our son was five months old at the time. Our plans were to relax, so we did. We spent the weekend strolling along the Mosel River, checking out the Easter Market, climbing up to the castle, buying wine from local vineyards, and taking a short cruise just to past the time.

cochemcastleThe unexpected highlight: there was a wedding at the castle. No, we weren’t invited to the wedding and no, we didn’t crash the wedding. (We wanted to, but we were severely underdressed.) We did get to see the guests arrive and then see the couple’s wedding car driving around town several times throughout the day. Whenever the car would appear, people left shops or stopped on the street to watch, take photos, and give well-wishes.

The blue skies and this blue car definitely made for a memorable trip.



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Wordless(ish) Wednesday: First Flight

wordlesswed1My son’s first flight, at just under three months. The first picture is him sleeping peacefully in his car seat. The second is him after we were told we have to take him out of his car seat for his safety. Yes, he’s awake now!

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