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Instagram Inspiration: Star Wars Celebration Europe

Last weekend we went to Star Wars Celebration Europe in Germany. Fans from all over the world come and get their Jedi on. I’ll be honest – I’m not a huge Star Wars fan. My husband, however, is. Many of the past SW Celebrations have been in our hometown in Orlando. Our friends have told us it’s always a great time. Since it was so close to home this year, we decided to go.

I’m glad we did. I love being around people who are doing things they are passionate about, and people are definitely passionate about Star Wars. There were replica sets throughout the convention center, people walking up dressed up in costume, autograph signings, a blocked off area dedicated to young kids, shops selling all kinds of memorabilia, and even an area for officially licensed Star Wars tattoo artists to tattoo on the spot. There were different panels, talks, shows, and discussions throughout.

We managed to make it to one panel discussion. As part of the collectors series, we went to the European Food Collectables panel. It was about collecting trinkets in things like cereal boxes, but specific to brands and promotion in Europe. The extent to which people will save original Star Wars branded items is fascinating. What they do with them later is equally fascinating. Apparently several years ago, at one of the SW Celebrations, they held a cereal eating contest. The cereal was C-3PO cereal from 20-30 years ago. And if our crowd was any indication, I’m sure the contestants were just happy to have the chance to eat original Star Wars promotional items.

Enough talk, let’s look at some photos.

Tips for Star Wars Celebration for families

  • The next one will be in Anaheim, CA in April 2015, mark your calendars!
  • Although we didn’t buy our tickets in advance, I suggest you do. The line is a lot shorter for ticket holders.
  • This is a child-friendly event. A lot of the costumed characters walking around are more than happy to pose with your little one. (Click here to see some of the costumed characters.)
  • But to make it even better, dress your kids in costume. There are plenty of other people who will be doing the same.
  • Just prepare for the other attendees who will want to take their photo with your child.
  • It can be a long day, plan ahead. The website will provide a schedule of events and many events you want to attend will overlap. Again, plan ahead.
  • Many attractions have long lines. Don’t hesitate to leave a long line and come back later when the line has shortened.
  • However, if you’re shopping and want to wait to come back later to purchase something, don’t. Unless you happen to be there on the first day, chances are the item you want will sell-out. Get it while you can.
  • Catch up on the series before you go so that your kids can be somewhat familiar with the characters they’ll see.
  • Have your camera ready for some funny costumes and interpretations.
  • Have fun and may the force be with you!


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