404 Listen to your kids

Listen to your kids

***I’m out of town and have limited access to my computer, but I wanted to make sure I still had some posts in the A-Z challenge. I’m keeping these simple until I come back. I’m going to expand on these later, but I’d love your thoughts and opinions in the meantime. Thanks for stopping by, and if you’re also participating in the challenge let me know and I’ll be around to check our your blog in less than a week.***


Yesterday I wrote that kids love to travel. But they don’t want to do everything we want to do while on vacation

So my advice for today is simple: listen to your kids.

Let them be part of the planning process. Look over notes from previous trips to see what they like. (Don’t have notes from previous trips? Download my favorites printable or one-page travel journal.)

Ask them what they want to see.

Allow a portion of the family trip to speak to their hearts. Get excited about those places. These are  your kids dreams.

Today I’d love it if you’d visit fellow A-to-Z challenge participant Rhonda of Laugh Quotes. She has travelled all over the world with her kids and has great stories.


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  1. I so, so agree with this – which is why we always try to find a park or playground wherever we are, since that is what my kids love to do!

  2. Wonderful advice and something we usually do. We tend to make family decisions, especially when they are requesting rest days.

  3. Best advice yet…let the kids help plan. They’ll be so much more excited about the trip if they have a say what you’re going to do! Love it.

  4. So true! When we were in Rome, (of all places!) we took one of our 4 days and just let them spend the morning at a children’s museum. They wanted to do something for them too- and I’m so glad that we did it.