404 Using Project Life Products for Travel Albums (and FREE Download)

Using Project Life Products for Travel Albums (and FREE Download)

I’m always on the lookout for ways to keep my little kids interested in traveling. I know they’re so young right now, but I want to make certain things just a natural part of their childhood. This includes creating photo-albums just for them. My kids enjoy flipping through their albums, and my son loves pointing out pictures of himself.

My son also likes looking through our regular photo album, too. I document our everyday lives using the Project Life system. For those of you unfamiliar with Project Life (PL), it takes the idea of Project 365 (a photo a day) and adds a journaling and album aspect to it. One photo and one journaling card a day in one album for a year.

So as I was thinking of ways to document our travels, Project Life seemed like a good option. Not for a photo and journaling card a day, but to use the idea of a photo with a journaling card. The PL mini album (see disclaimer at the end of this post) holds 80 4×6 photos and 80 3×4 journaling cards. Perfect for a few short trips or one long one.

Other ways to use a Project Life Album for Vacation Memories

Aside from using the albums for their intended purpose (photos and words), you can:

  • Give your kids the album and see how they choose to fill it up.
  • Include ephemera you pick up on your trip: brochures, room keys, stationary, labels from different candy bars, anything and fill the pockets with those items.
  • Bring your blank journaling cards with you to Disney World and have each character sign their own card. Then keep the signed card with the picture.
  • Use the smaller pockets for instagram photos and the larger pockets to tell more story.
  • Film a video on your phone, upload it to YouTube and create a QR code. Print out that code, stick it in the album, and whenever you look through your album you can scan the code with your phone and watch your video. (Confused? Watch this short video by Mercy Tiera… It’s REALLY cool and kind of makes me feel like my photo albums are in Harry Potter.)


Project Life Free Printable Journal Cards: Kid Travel Prompts

A few weeks ago I made a one page travel journal available for download.

I’ve recently taken that format and made it Project Life-friendly. Each “prompt” will now fit in either a 4×6 or 3×4 pocket.


Kids Travel Project Life Journal Cards

Free Download – Kids Travel Project Life Journal Cards

The download comes with the 6 cards pictured above and 2 4×6 cards. If you’d like to download your FREE Project Life-friendly kids travel journal cards, you can do that here.

Do you think the Project Life system could work for your travel memories? Do you use any other system?

If you like to talk about travel AND different ways to preserve your family’s vacation memories, come join the brand new Google Community I created and let’s chat!

***Disclaimer: I’ve used Project Life since 2011 and am not affiliated with the company, just a fan. However, the PL Mini album link above is an affiliate link with Amazon. I make a small commission from any purchases made after clicking on that link.les vibrimasseurs acheter a bon prixweather in tanzaniaRitmix RT-100


  1. I love the idea of letting kids create their own mini album during a trip! I can see that they might get a different perspective on the whole thing.

    I’m never used project life, but have heard great things about it. Your printable has some awesome prompts!

  2. I agree with Rebecca, the idea of letting the kids create their own is awesome! My daughter would love this!! I have never heard of Project Life but will check it out 🙂

    Totally love your printable as well 🙂

  3. Awesome idea! I always wonder how Project Life-ers find ways to fit it in each day 🙂

  4. those cards are a GREAT idea!! Since my kids are younger we decided to get htem little cameras to help document any really special outings and vacations! I can’t wait till they can start journaling on their own though 😀

  5. What a fun journaling idea!

  6. Thanks for the info and the freebie! This is very useful!

  7. I know my daughter would appreciate this. She’s currently on vacation so will definitely tell her about this when she gets back.

  8. Thanks everyone!
    Eschelle, I actually gave my two year old my point and shoot camera when we were out of town yesterday. I left the camera in my husband’s car, but I think he took a lot of great pictures from the few seconds I had to look. He also took a lot of pictures of his feet.

    Terra, I’m way behind in PL because of getting a new computer, but when I was keeping up with it the momentum of finishing a little pocket was enough to keep me going. I’m making a plan now to catch up in the coming weeks.

  9. Love this ideal have to remember it when this are older

  10. Great idea!

  11. This looks like a great project! My husband and I are always collecting all sorts of scraps from our trips and I’ve been trying to find a good way to show off and display them, and this seems like a great way! Thanks for sharing; I’ll be checking this out shortly!

  12. What a fun project! I can’t wait to create albums with my little one when he gets a bit older. Right now we have a family book where he’s learning all of our extended family’s names! He loves to flip through it. 🙂

  13. Ok – so this is so funny…at least I think so. I was just quickly checking email and then was going to sit down and come up with prompts for my kids to journal with during our vacation to Italy next week. My son is 13 but I want to engage him in the trip more and get his thoughts. I thought some direct questions would be better than “write about our day”. So, I subscribe to Stephanie Howell’s blog and she had a post linking to yours…and here you are with these wonderful journaling cards. Thank you so much. I’ll be printing these out and coming up with some of my own!

  14. Yvonne Gronau says:

    I have been wanting to put QR codes into my Project Life albums for so long but couldn’t find a good website to make one. Thank you so much for posting this video!

  15. Wonderful ideas. I downloaded the journaling cards for my grandchildren and will use them for their summer album. Thank you so much.


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